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Liftaware Joins Hands with Mendix in ISV Program, Optimizing Health for your Employees

UTRECHT – April 17th 2023 – Liftaware announced today that it has become an official Mendix Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner.

Liftaware is a health and vitality platform offering self-help tools that bring all aspects of well-being together, such as:

· ‘Fitness Journeys’ - Generate workouts and follow fitness programs for your physical health goals;

· ‘Mealfix’ - Our Netflix with healthy meals to introduce a healthier diet;

· Online Coaching - Easily connect with a health professional, like a therapist, nutritionist, physiotherapist;

· 'Communities of Passion' - Find common interests and passions together to truly connect;

· And many more.

To increase engagement further we introduce challenges, earning points and redeem rewards; people can also share their progress, ideas and initiatives in the company daily feed to create a buzz in your organization.

Additionally, Liftaware enables HR to make educated decisions on employee needs, through insight into vitality within your company. The key to a healthy business are healthy people; our holistic vitality tools and services are designed to effectively make your workforce happy, healthy and engaged so that employee turnover and absenteeism decreases.

The Mendix ISV Program is available for partners that are looking to expand their business and monetize their domain expertise by selling unique customer-centric solutions. The program provides an ideal set of benefits to enable businesses to successfully develop, bring to market, sell, and deploy software solutions built on Mendix's leading low-code development platform.

The partnership signifies an important impact to the Health- and Wellbeing segment of today’s work environment. Mendix allows Liftaware to swiftly adapt to the fast-paced demands of our customers and the people who they work with.

Founder and Co-Owner David Brini stated: In today's fast-paced and stressful world, it can be challenging for employees to maintain their physical and mental health. With the average person spending nearly half their waking hours at work, it's no wonder that employees are increasingly expecting their employers to prioritize their wellbeing.

At Liftaware, we understand the importance of investing in your workforce's health and happiness. Our platform makes it easy, enjoyable and engaging for your employees to prioritize their wellbeing, which ultimately leads to a thriving company culture and improved retention of top talent. With Liftaware, you can give your employees the vitality tools and services they need to succeed both personally and professionally."

Rajiv Gokhale, Co-Owner at Liftaware adds: “People frequently tell us: "I want to be healthy, but it's so hard to break free from the unhealthy habits that have become a part of my daily routine.” We have found that the key to sustainable change is accessibility and convenience. With our platform, you don’t need eight different apps to manage different aspects of your physical, mental and social health. We are very proud that Liftaware can offer that whole package, and we made it a lot of fun to create healthy habits.”

Jethro Borsje, Chief Ecosystem Solutions at Mendix, said:" The Mendix ISV Partner Program will enable Liftaware to elevate employee health through the Mendix low-code platform.We are excited to have Liftaware as a new addition to our growing ISV Program as this partnership will enable Liftaware to offer a highly stable and adaptable platform to support customer needs.”

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