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Increase employee wellbeing 
with Liftaware

"Thriving, happy employees are better employees — they are more engaged in their work, feel more loyalty towards their organization, and contribute to their organizations’ goals in a meaningful way."

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Health platform: List

How we improve employee wellbeing

All-in-one Health tools

The essential tools your employees want in one app to enable sustainable change.

Science based focus on multiple pillars of Health.

Easy and accessible for anyone to use independently.

Engaged Organization

A 'Gamified' environment, social events and chats create healthy commotion, fun and a feeling of belonging in your organization. 

Work together with colleagues to achieve health-goals and challenges.

Help your organization develop a stronger sense of community.


Liftaware facilitates user friendly coaching between employees and experts. As an employer you can sponsor 0-100% of these sessions.  

Certified professionals:

- Mental therapists

- Personal trainers

- Nutritionists

- Lifestyle coaches

...and more

showing health portfolio

Physical wellbeing

healthy food


Enjoy our delicious healthy recipes. Share and comment on meals to give your colleagues tips on how to make the perfect dish. 

Personalized workouts and fitness programs to enable your physical goals.


Expert Coaching

Chat, video call or have physical consultations with our partner professionals, such as: 

  • Personal trainers

  • Coaches

  • Nutritionists

Working out

Mental wellbeing

Check-in every day to track how you feel and categorize those feelings. A great to discover trends on what makes you tick.

Mental health tracking

smileys to determine how you feel
A graph showing mental health data

Therapists and coaches

Get the help needed by chatting and video calling with our accredited partner therapists and coaches.

a meditation pose to practice being mindful


Analytics and insight in employees' emotional and stress levels. Proactively prevent stress, depression and burn-outs,

a conversation between a coach and coachee

Blogs, tips and tricks

Read our blogs and daily tips and tricks on how to improve your mental health.

Social wellbeing

Communities of Passion

Discover shared interests share knowledge and experiences, and have fun in your communities of passion.

Social events

hobbies that employees have in common

Easily organize events with members of a Community of Passion, your team, a selection of people or the entire organization.

Two employees walking to connect more


Liftaware shares weekly challenges to make your organization enthusiastic about health. You can also create your own challenges to ensure a buzz at the lunch table.

A gamified experience

Gamifying health

Your employees receive points in the app after finishing challenges, workouts, preparing a healthy meal, logging in and more.

Create rewards that employees can earn when reaching enough points or reaching a great milestone. 

Your employees will be extra motivated to become healthy, while being more aware, fit and healthy.

Become our partner pilot? 

A pay-what-you-want trial for your whole organization. Together we'll gather feedback on the platform and determine what to improve, remove or add.

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