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Our Vitality Services

Data-driven insights, engaging workshops and self-help tools. Our services prioritize the wellbeing of your organization.



A daily e-mail to discover the main causes of absenteeism and turnover

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Affordable insights into your employees wellbeing

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Boost your employees' knowledge to improve and grow



Our holistic platform combining all our services and tools for a fit and happy workforce

Vitality Service 1/4

The Snap Check

Discover the causes of absenteeism and employee turnover

The Snap Check is a daily check-in, done by your workforce in (literally) 3 seconds. It is simple, has high response rates and helps you understand exactly what obstacles your people are facing on a day-to-day level.

Prevent absenteeism and employee turnover based on actual employee needs, not assumptions. 

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A stressed woman becoming happier

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Health surveys

A quick baseline measurement to determine how your vitality and wellbeing approach stacks up in the market. Find out.

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Gain in-depth insights into important wellbeing topics 

Free Quickscan

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One scan to rule them all

Preventive Medical Examinations (PME) are unnecessarily expensive. We have designed a validated survey to measure the five most impactful pillars in employee wellbeing. 

The scan comes with a thorough report on what aspects you should prioritize and how, based on best practices. 

More scientific scans based on your organizational needs

✓ 20+ scientifically valid questionnaires

✓ Questionnaires on specific topics relevant to your organization.

✓ Targeted advice based on the results

We recommend starting by identifying the most common stressors. Once you have identified the main obstacles within your organization, you can apply questionnaires that focus on those topics, to decide on the most impactful improvement strategies.

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An engaged healthy group
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People putting gears together

Vitality Service 3/4

Workshops & Trainings

Your time is valuable. Stop Google-ing for hours to find workshops and trainings.

With the best partners in the vitality market, you can choose topics like stress management, mindful living, professional communication, nutrition, leadership and much more.  

Most popular trainings

stressed woman with hands on her head

Stress Management

Learn to recognize and handle stress - the biggest cause of burnout, depression and physical problems. 

eating a healthy meal

Enhance your Lifestyle 

Improve your lifestyle by learning about patterns and mindset building, and tips to integrate into your life. 

surprised kid holding cup to his ear

Communication & Dynamics

Explore your styles, and team dynamics to optimize your communication. The foundation to healthy and functioning teams.

A confident woman

How to be a Badass

Find ways to become a confident you. Focus on how you carry yourself, what you stand for and how you treat yourself and others.

People looking at phones

Phone Aware

Do you spend hours a day looking at a 15cm screen? Learn about the impact of excessive phone use, and tips to cut back.

Playing soccer in the mountanis

Team Building

Sometimes you simply need to connect with your colleagues. With the right exercises, we help you on your way. 

Vitality Service 4/4

Liftaware - The all-in-one vitality app

There's no other way to put it. On Liftaware, all of the Services above come together, and much more. It really is an all-in-one platform to manage all your organizational health matters. 

Health knowledge at your fingertips

Every day, new science-based health content, translated to an easy read

Make more friends at work

'Social Communities' to talk about your hobbies and interests

Try new things

Do new weekly challenges with your team

cards showing vitality tools
cards showing wellbeing tools

A gamified experience

Earn points and rewards by becoming healthier

Fitness & Nutrition

A workout app and healthy meal plans

Mother Earth

Protect trees while you are at it

Maximize vitality, satisfaction and
retention in your organization.

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