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Discover why your people are getting sick and leave.

The Snap Check measures and categorizes employee stressors with daily check-ins.


✓ Real-time data of daily stressors

✓ 80%+ participation

✓ 100% anonymous

✓ Decrease absenteeism

Make impactful decisions

on wellbeing with accurate insights

a few cards showing statistics on health in an organization

Respond to stressors on time

woman showing a neutral face
a woman smiling because of the snap check
graph showing smileys and someone getting better or worse
a woman stressing out due neglicence of HR

Yearly satisfaction surveys are not

enough to capture day-to-day stressors.


For accurate interventions you need accurate data.  

How the Snap Check works


Chris gets a daily e-mail

Liftaware SnapCheck example email


Chris checks in 

...and can categorize the causes of his feelings

Liftaware SnapCheck screenshot
Icon of battery


Icon of leadership


Icon of work goal

Professional Development

Work Culture

Icon of employee work culture


Done. HR gets anonymous real-time insights

...and plans the right interventions on your organization's primary stressors

Card showing statistics employee wellbeing

72% of employees do not proactively disclose their wellbeing due to fear of negative consequences.

Remove the hurdle to share.

Use the anonymous check-ins of the Snap Check.


€ 1 per employee per month

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