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Become a partner!

Are you an expert or service provider that offers one-on-one coaching or B2B services like workhops or trainings? Then we want to offer your services via our platform. 

Let's discover how we can unite, and maximize impact!

Partners connecting

The added value of cooperating with us

a magnet acquiring clients

Easy Client Acquisition

With every organization we onboard, you have the opportunity to help hundreds of new people.

Employees directly contact you, you receive automatic notifications and you plan a meeting. 


Client acquisition has never been this easy.

an invoice being sent out monthly

One monthly invoice

All services provided by you are paid out monthly by Liftaware.


Save countless hours invoicing individual customers and receive one payment. We have got you covered.

a place to learn and develop

Learning and Development

Add workshops, trainings, events, medical researches and other (vitality and health) services to the Liftaware marketplace, so clients can find you easier and faster.

chatting online with a coach

Online coaching

Liftaware enables chat and video calls between you and your clients. 

Get access to clients (inter)nationally.

Everything you need to
help clients succeed

An easy to use, built-in client management system

Create custom health programs 

Use existing surveys and create new ones to

measure baselines and progress

Post interesting content to create a loyal community


Expand your knowledge and value by collaborating

with health experts within Liftaware

How it works

1-on-1 coaching

Employees will contact you for an intake. You can accept, plan an intake and afterwards decide to have online sessions or online chat via Liftaware.

You can decide your price for these services.

a process chart for 1-on-1 coaching
a market place to show your services

Marketplace services

Offer your services on the Liftaware marketplace. Employees like HR managers will contact your via the marketplace chat, ask questions and eventually book services. Accept and plan these reservations effortlessly.

Services are anything B2B and wellbeing related, like workshops, training, office massages, air quality analysis, ergonomic advice. If it is related to vitality and health, it is valid for the marketplace. 


Create your own content and share it on the Liftaware feed. This exposure will increase chances to get directly contacted by employees or (HR) managers for you services.

an overview that shows tokens earned

Earn tokens

We use Tokens as a form of capital. One token is €10,-. At the end of the month an invoice will be automatically created with the total amount of Tokens earned that month. This invoice is available and downloadable, and will be automatically paid by Liftaware. 


Having an account and using the platform is free. You services are part of a royalty program; a 10% royalty fee will be deducted from the earned tokens. 

Contact us Partnr

Contact us

We are currently looking for pilot partners. Are you curious about our high quality offer for reduced prices?

Feel free to book a demo, get an answer to your questions or just plan a coffee meeting with us.  

Use the contact sheet on the right or contact us through: 

+316 51 477 060

Thanks for submitting!

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