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Elevate HR: Ease the load, boost the impact

Partner with Liftaware and transform the way you manage employee well-being. Arm yourself with powerful insights and efficient tools to tackle any vitality challenge and gather valuable insights.

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What we offer


With Liftaware, gain easy, data-driven insights to your organization's well-being and vitality. Our intuitive dashboarding tools allow you to act more effectively, driving better results for your entire team.


Liftaware offers ready-to-use surveys that can be sent out with just a single click. Additionally, HR can easily create custom surveys to suit specific needs. Notifications, reminders, and analytics are all automated for seamless operation.

Learning & Development

Through our Learning and Development platform, discover and book exceptional services from our trusted partners with ease. Forget about scouring Google, making calls, or haggling over prices—everything you need is just a chat away.


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Anonymized analytics in the app for your company to able to steer more precisely on your teams or whole organization. 


  • Daily check-ins of employees.

  • Periodic surveys to measure emotional, social and physical health.  

  • Your own surveys that you can easily compare 


Periodically send our our ready-to-use or custom surveys to keep a pulse on your organization's well-being. Benefit from automated notifications, reminders, and insightful analytics, all designed to save you both time and money. With Liftaware, not only can you easily send out these surveys, but you can also compare results over time to track improvements and identify areas for growth.

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Learning & Development

Empower your organization through our Learning and Development platform. HR professionals can effortlessly search, find, and book specialized workshops and trainings aimed at either high-performing management or entire teams.


Focus on elevating knowledge and awareness about health and well-being without the typical stress and time-consuming search for qualified professionals.

Become our partner pilot? 

A pay-what-you-want trial for your whole organization. Together we'll gather feedback on the platform and determine what to improve, remove or add.

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