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The all-in-one  vitality platform 

People are your organization's greatest asset. We analyze, implement and improve vitality in your company.

Are you doing what you can to enable your people? Find out now!

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What we offer

creating awareness

Awareness & Navigation

We navigate people towards a healthier lifestyle. With our scientifically backed content, we create awareness.

Healthy changes follow.

professionals guiding

Guidance by Professionals

To climb a mountain, you need to see the path. Our coaches with 100+ years experience help your people reach their goals to become healthier and happier.

guiding with data

Empowering HR

With daily check-ins, surveys and qualitative tools, we deliver accurate data to HR. We enable you to build a vitality strategy based on actual needs.

Everything you need for your
employee wellbeing in one place.

For employees

We know what your people need. Liftaware offers tools so your employees can become healthier physically, mentally and socially. Our platform is designed to be accessible and fun for everyone. 

For HR

As HR, you need the right tools to manage vitality and wellbeing. We give you the right data and dashboarding to measure and manage vitality in your organization. 

healthy people jumping

Maximize vitality, satisfaction and retention in
your organization, while boosting productivity

Our approach

Liftaware lays the foundation for employee wellbeing through a three-tiered pyramid.


Liftaware helps your employees build a sturdy base of awareness and knowledge about health. On top of that, we inspire action, turning that knowledge into positive habits. The peak? A workforce radiating happiness and vitality.

vitality awareness to happy

The added value of
holistic health

Wellbeing is multi-dimensional. Your physical, mental and social health, are connected. If you feel better physically, it improves your mental health and vice-versa.

There are 300.000+ health apps out there and they all focus on a niche. We believe centralizing health paves the way for sustainable change.

a logo showing six pillars of health

With Liftaware, we offer the people within your organization the right tools and services to make that change. 

The main health pillars

physical health
mental health
social health




How do you compare to the market?

Take the Quickscan to find out how your organization implements vitality in comparison to the market standards.

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